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October 4, 2017


Falling into a sea of fathomless blue, the sudden shout of, “Lilith!” brought her sense back to the dark browns of her home and the flickering yellows of the fire. It took a moment for her to realize that her lips were just a heartbeat away from touching the copper haired stranger’s. As she lifted her eyes slowly up, Lilith leaned in and kissed her.

Sif was unsure if her lips met the red-haired woman’s halfway, or it just seemed that way as a mixture of uncertainty and desire flooded her mind. When the gentle pressure of soft, feather-like wisps of heat touched her own, that uncertainty passed. Lost in any sense of thought, Sif brought her hands up around the strangers back, pulled her closer, and was pleased that no resistance was offered. Eyes closed, Sif let the kiss linger as she breathed in the mild scent of mint, and was drawn deeper into the kiss.  Lilith’s hands tenderly slid up Sif’s, cupping her face. A long sensual moment passed when Sif gingerly pulled her back, breaking the kiss.

Both women looked into each other’s eyes, Sif with a look of desirable confusion, Lilith with a child-like look, her eyes downcast, lips parted in a needful expression. A fogginess clouded what would have been questions as to why she was allowing this to happen. As a clarity of purpose grew within, she once again pulled Lilith close. Lips touched and parted as purpose fueled the play of tongues, and hands began to explore. Her body began to ache, desire swelling up within her as the years of loneliness and solitude hungered for the touch of another.

Lost in Lilith’s affections, Sif felt her back press against the pole that supported the roof of her home. Her arms were raised above her head as she felt deft fingers undress her. Her eyes remained closed when the chill in the air kissed naked flesh. Remaining that way, out of fear that the one touching her would look disappointingly upon a body that had known the rigors of life. Crossing her legs and wanting to bring her arms down to cover her breasts, Sif trembled when Lilith’s fingers touched her collar bone and cautiously slipped them down over freckled skin, between her breasts and over her belly. Her legs crossed tighter, this time not in shame or modesty, but in response to the silent moan that filled her. When the tips of Lilith’s fingers pressed further down and rested upon her thighs, the pressure between her legs turned into a fearful yet wanting quake as thumbs slid down the makeshift valley her crossed legs created. Afraid, she began to shake her head no. As Lilith’s attention gently continued to spread her legs, she began to speak. Sif could not understand what was being said, but the voice was strangely musical and calming—calming to the point that the fear she felt melted away as her legs began to part. Exposed, the cold air crept up and touched the heated moist flesh of her sex and sent a shiver of delight throughout her. Still Lilith spoke as Sif felt the hands rise and grasp her waist. Turning her head to the side, Sif pressed her upper teeth into her lower lip when she felt Lilith’s lips kiss her navel. Her knees buckled as lips parted and the gentle caress of a tongue licked the slight hollow, causing a moan to escape her lips. Unsure if she could or would submit to anything further, her mind was made up for her: the presence of Lilith’s lips upon her flesh was removed, and a few moments later, her forearm was grasped, bringing her arm down.

The soft feel of fabric met her touch as her hand was placed upon the shoulder of her liberator. Again, the sounds of a strange, unearthly, beautiful voice floated on the air, as Sif opened her eyes and gazed into Lilith’s. A smile greeted her that was warm, loving, and slightly lustful. Turning her head toward the hand that rested upon her shoulder, Lilith slid her hand up and covered the back of Sif’s. Continuing to talk in a low whisper, she pressed down and moved her hand off her shoulder. Sif’s fingers pulled down upon the dress, slowly exposing Lilith’s bare shoulder. A languished turn of her head, back to Sif’s gaze, was continued with unknown beautiful words. Words, however unknown, expressed her desire.

Understanding, and no longer thinking, Sif pulled the dress off of Lilith’s shoulder, then repeated the action upon the other. Slowly the dress dropped down until it rested upon the top of her bosom. Looking down at where it stopped, Lilith lifted her eyes to Sif’s with a pleading look. Hands came to the top hem of the dress, as fingers dug carefully under the fabric and pulled down. Lilith’s response was to close her eyes and lift her head in surrender. As the dress fell, Sif was captivated at the perfection being revealed with each inch of flesh exposed. When the dress hung lightly on hardened pink nipples, it took only the barest of efforts to pull down, and the dress fell to the floor. She was afraid to look, even though the fear at this point was gone. Her breathing came in trembling short inhales as her eyes then looked down fully to gaze upon the naked woman in front of her.

A soft white body, perfect in proportion, stood in front of her. Breasts that were perky, highlighted by the pleasing sight of slightly darkened pink areolas, were capped by gently rounded nipples. Her stomach was taught as it delved down into a valley of fiery red hair. Her hips were shapely, and her thighs were slightly muscular. Without command, Lilith turned, exposing her back while she lifted her hair up. Bringing her hand up, Sif reached out and touched her back with her fingertips. Lilith turned her head so she could see her and smiled. Fingertips began to descend and move to the center of Lilith’s back, coming to rest upon the base of her spine. Uncertainty over what she should do next caused Sif’s fingers to tremble as she touched Lilith. Feeling the sensation vibrate through her lower back, Lilith turned and faced her.

The earthen floor of her home was made comfortable as both woman lay upon Sif’s white cloak. How she had been brought to the floor was lost somewhere in the fog of pleasure Sif was now experiencing. As she lay there, her body was worshipped like a Goddess as Lilith began to explore with kisses and a tender lapping of her tongue. All she was aware of, before she eagerly surrendered, was that Gregor no longer remained in the room since the moment he had yelled Lilith’s name before the kiss began.

Tiny explosions were erupting all over her body as the alabaster-skinned woman kissed her all over. Her hands stroked and played with the redhead’s locks. Her eyes closed as the feeling of her nipple gently being sucked upon brought a smile to her lips as her hands explored her body. As each breast was honored with her touch and a flick or circling of her tongue, Lilith would speak in a husky panting tone that she was sure was lust filled. The hand that had been exploring her body began to slide further down to the warm moist region between Sif’s legs. Her escaping moan was an urging—a groaning signal for more.

Pleased with the surrender, Lilith began to move her body down, leaving a trail of kisses behind. Her tongue led the descent, until it once again found the hollow of Sif’s navel and again lavished attention to it. Positioning her body from Sif’s side to slide in between her legs, Lilith placed her lips just above the fine hair of her blond mound and raised her eyes. Sif turned her head to the side, completely lost in the sensations her body was feeling. Content that she would not be interrupted or stopped in her plan, Lilith kissed the curly blonde hair, lowered her head some more, kissed again, and stopped, taking a moment to breathe in the warm and musky scent that was escaping Sif’s sex. Kneeling, Lilith then brought her hands in between Sif’s thighs and pushed them apart. Gazing down, the reddened flesh of denied desire glistened in the firelight, as well as the inside of her thighs.

With Sif’s legs bent, Lilith bent down and kissed the inside of her knee and followed downward with light kisses. Sif’s arse tensed with each kiss as her body squirmed in little gyrations with coming expectations. Lower Lilith continued until she reached the convergence of Sif’s legs and passed over it, only bestowing a light focused blow of breath upon the slickened lips.

“Please,” groaned Sif as the denial tortured her. Lilith’s response was to then continue her kisses up along the other inside thigh until she reached the opposite knee. Again sitting up on her knees, Lilith looked down upon Sif’s naked form, her own body watering with lustful hunger.

The wait was becoming unbearable as Sif brought her hands over her own body and began to touch herself, her fingers lightly brushing her skin, breasts and upper thighs. Pleased with the growing wantonness being displayed, Lilith leaned back and lay flat upon the floor between Sif’s legs. The heat pulsing from Sif’s nether mouth was a welcomed ray of sun that washed over Lilith’s face and drew her closer to its source.

Sif felt Lilith’s head come closer to her rose and brought her hands up to grasp her hair with coming anticipation. When she felt a finger slide between the petals of her rose, her body spasmed as a little climax jolted her body.

Lilith began to play with the fleshy petals of Sif’s sex, dragging her fingers up and down, side to side, the cloying heat and moisture covering her finger with honey. Withdrawing that finger, Lilith brought it to her lips and licked her finger clean, savoring the taste. The smile that claimed her lips was lecherous, and as she brought that hand back, she opened Sif’s sex wide with her fingers and gazed upon the ripened rose bud that called for attention. Lilith used her middle finger to massage the blood pulsating diamond and was rewarded with Sif attempting to close her legs around her head, to no avail. Her finger teasing, she began to blow lightly upon the wet red folds of flesh that guarded, unsuccessfully, the entrance to her womb. Sif’s fleshy buttocks began to quake as tension built within her.

The smile Lilith wore grew wider, as soon her feast would be ready to devour. The quaking became stronger as her finger pressed and eased its tension upon her rose bud with chaotic movements. No longer content to let her finger complete what she was hungering for, Lilith moved forward, removed her fingers, placed her mouth upon the honeyed hole, and began to lavish her womb with her tongue. Sif could feel Lilith’s face pressed against her, could feel her nose against the mound of hair above her womanhood, nearly cried out when soft cool lips came in contact with needful flesh. Her eyebrows creased down as her eyes squinted, her body arched as she lifted her head up and looked down upon the locks of red covering her stomach, knowing underneath the tangle she was being loved.

Small ‘ohs’ began to grow and take wing from her lips as she began to gyrate her hips back and forth, rubbing her loins against the mouth that sought to devour her. The mass of red moved up and Sif began to feel Lilith’s tongue begin to swirl around the fleshy nub of her rose bud. Her mouth closed as her teeth bit her lower lip. Her trembling became violent, her body taking full control of its own needs. Almost at the brink of collapse, Sif felt Lilith’s lips close around her nub and suck in. Her body exploded with sensation as waves of release washed over her body and a powerful orgasm rocked her soul. Moans slipped from her mouth, from deep within her body, as her head rolled back and forth, attempting to deny what she felt and accept it at the same time.

Lilith began to ease her vigilance on her completed task as she went from gently sucking upon Sif’s rose bud to tenderly licking the folds of her sex, enjoying the rewards of her efforts with the nectar that seeped out of Sif’s rose. With the climax dissipating, Sif began to lay once again upon the ground. Catching her breath, she brought her hands down to Lilith’s curly mop of hair. Raising her head as fingers played in the thicket, she looked deep into the eyes of her lover. A wicked smile looked up from between her legs, and as she licked her lips, savoring every last taste, a look of victory appeared upon Lilith’s smiling lips.

Crawling forward in a slow methodical motion, Lilith kissed her way up Sif’s belly, up between her breasts, and spent a moment kissing her neck until finally she came face-to-face with Sif. Kissing her with a gentle passion, Sif then brought her arms around her. When the kiss was broken, Lilith looked deep into Sif’s eyes, as if she was looking for something. What she found were the beginnings of tears in Sif’s eyes.

Trying to hide the tears that were coming, Sif turned to her side, forcing Lilith to fall behind her. The sounds of weeping began to fill the air as Sif curled into a fetal position and wrapped her arms around herself. Weeping became a flood as she began to cry uncontrollably. Laying down beside her, Lilith reached over the crying woman and pulled her into the shelter of her embrace, their arms entwined as one woman comforted the other. Lilith brought her head to rest in the nook between Sif’s head and neck as their bodies seemed to meld into one. Soft foreign words began to gently fall upon Sif’s ears. From time to time a ‘shhh’ would be added, with a gentle kiss on the shoulder or cheek.

Spent emotionally and physically, Sif was broken. The walls that had held back all the pain of years of loneliness and heartache had been released in the arms of another, in an act that no longer seemed unnatural to her.

Her sobs eventually quieted to sniffles as the copper-haired woman caressed her chin. When her face was tenderly turned to face her, Sif was greeted with a warm, loving smile—a smile that gave her the strength to turn onto her back, raise her hand to Lilith’s cheek, and with a sincerity born from freedom of heavy burden, whisper, “Thank you.”

The ‘thank you’ naturally progressed into a kiss, one that had no passion in it, just a solidification of love. The kiss parted, and Sif once again looked into Lilith’s deep blue eyes. Holding her gaze, Lilith again whispered a strange litany of words that, while pleasant to her ears, felt like it was giving her a gentle touch. The crackling of the fire, and the slow, almost inaudible breathing of both women, filled the air, until Lilith leaned in once again for a kiss. In response, Sif gave in, longing for the feel of her lover’s lips against her once again. The small moan of pleasure from Lilith’s body brought a smile to her lips. Opening her eyes, an intense blue radiance, some trick of the fire light she thought, seemed to dance, almost smolder deep within her eyes. Another kiss was sought as Lilith pressed again upon her. This time the gentleness was replaced with a hardening passion as her tongue tried to breech Sif’s mouth. Not sure if she could give herself freely or without hesitation, Sif showed some protest as Lilith began to move her body over her prone form and straddled her.

With Lilith sitting upon her, Sif could feel the heated wetness of her sex press against her stomach, then lift as her hands were grasped and lifted over her head to the floor. Resisting, she found the grip holding her too strong to wrestle out from. Her protest became larger as her whole body began to squirm beneath the naked flesh sitting upon her. Then, as quickly as it all seemed to begin, the resistance ended. Lilith sat up, loosening the grip she had upon her arms, a look of dismay flowing across her face at the obvious rejection.

In perfect common tongue, with her eyes still seeming to glow in the fire light, Lilith spoke with a needing plea, “Love me.”

Any resistance she had melted away. Lifting a hand from the ground, Sif touched Lilith’s cheek. Lilith in turn tilted her head, closed her eyes and took pleasure from the touch. Slowly that caress turned into the downward pull so lips could kiss again. Kissing, both woman began to let their hands roam freely, tenderly touching one another. It was Sif who brought a hunger to the kiss. Her mouth began to open greedily as her tongue sought the company of her lover. Her desire was soon rewarded, as the playful dance of open mouths and twirling tongues began. Moans fed the passionate play within their mouths when Lilith once again brought her hands up Sif’s body, over her breasts and arms, to once again grasp her wrists.

This time Sif took no displeasure in the position her lover had her.

As Sif’s hands roamed over Lilith’s body, her flesh warmed to her touch and her tongue likewise began to warm the insides of her mouth. It was not unpleasant, and added to the bliss she was feeling. Passion built with increasing harshness on Lilith’s part, as her kiss was beginning to become more invasive. Sif’s moans of pleasure turned to groans of discomfort. Unsure if this was just a hunger within her lover building, her displeasure was signaled with a louder groan. If it had been received, it was ignored, as Lilith’s tongue licked the top of the roof of her mouth, nearly gagging her as it became an all-consuming object within her mouth.

Attempting to break free of her grip, her body twisted and turned, while her arms were pinned to the ground. Confusion coursed through her mind as it began to feel as if Lilith’s tongue was worming its way to the back of her throat. Opening her eyes, she beheld Lilith’s own. The blue within them began to change, deepen and ignite in heatless flames. A scream bellowed from her lungs, the sound choked off as Lilith’s tongue took advantage of her expanding throat and slid deeper. Her squirming became restrained thrashing as the elongating heated, moist flesh gave little opportunity for her to breath. Her reflex to gag and choke only provided a tightening obstacle to be passed.

Breaking what was once a kiss, Lilith sat up. In abject horror, Sif watched as she moved away and a long tendril, glistening with sickly red and green ooze and streaked in black veins, connected the two in a mockery of marriage.

The pressure upon her arms lessened as Lilith rose, and were brought up within her grasp. Still she struggled, her arms no less free than before. The vile effluent that coated her tongue eased its way down and began to cover her mouth and nose as it drooled over her chin.

Pain and terror replaced horror as Sif watched Lilith arch her back, then spasm forward. A thick, wet heaving sound followed as her cheeks filled, then pushed whatever she was regurgitating into the sickly connection they shared. Outside Lilith’s mouth, the tendril began to swell, then undulate as a large bulbous mass formed within. Again, Lilith arched her back and heaved, causing the rounded object to creep forward toward Sif’s open mouth.

No longer moving, and frozen with fear, she watched helplessly as Lilith’s tongue expanded as the mass moved, inching its way closer and closer. When it reached the outside of her mouth, its travel was halted as its passage taken was too narrow.

Some force behind it pushed, causing her jaw to open wider. Her mouth extended to its stretched limit, tore along it’s sides with a sickening rip. Sif’s eyes cried with pure pain and agony as bright red blood sprayed out into the air, then flowed freely from the wounds, falling to the floor and mixing with the sewage-like ooze that pooled around her head. The object, now filling her mouth, no longer allowed any inhalation. When it stopped again, it was pressing against the back of her throat.

A third gurgling heave from Lilith’s body formed another mass that slowly began to slither its way down toward her mouth. Unaware of the coming horrific gift, tears obscuring her sight, Sif began to suffocate. Instinctively she tried to clamp her teeth down in hopes of severing the connection, to no avail.

The mass began another push within the tuberous funnel that snaked down into her body. Unlike her mouth, which was ruined, the flesh of her bottom cheeks hanging loosely, her jaw would not easily surrender. Deeper it pushed against the small opening, forcing her mouth to open wider, and wider, until a sickening snap filled the air. Sif’s eyes bulged in agony as her jaw broke and was pressed down into its cradle of flesh. The pressure relieved the mass of corruption invading her throat, expanding it obscenely as it snaked into her gut, exploding with devastation as a fire erupted within her.

Fighting the losing battle of pain, agony and terror embracing her, Sif’s eyes expressed what words could not—why—as relief was granted, the lack of oxygen driving her to unconsciousness, a small comfort as her dimming vision watched as another mass entered her ruined mouth.

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