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Book Two Revealed

October 25, 2017

The Blood Bond

Book Two

Release Date: October 27, 2017





“Look at me,” Lilith commanded.

Jacqlyn complied, an angry sneer crossing her lips at the command.

Lilith then reached back and solidly slapped Jacqlyn across the face, causing her head to whip to the side. The sound of her open palm against her cheek resounded throughout the chamber. Taken by surprise, Jacqlyn slowly brought her head back, the angry sneer replaced by a wide, toothy smile. Again, Lilith brought her hand across her daughter’s face. Jacqlyn pulsed with heat as she once again turned her head, her split lip attesting to the power behind the strike.

Lilith watched as blood spilled over Jacqlyn’s chin and, with the sudden quickness of a cat, closed the short distance between them—and with a languished action, licked the blood from her chin.

A powerful craving overtook Jacqlyn’s thoughts. She no longer wanted to receive her Mother’s attention, but wanted to give instead.

Jacqlyn lunged forward and sank her teeth into her Mother’s neck. Lilith fell back as her daughter’s body swarmed her, giving no resistance to the attack. Instead, she wrapped her arms around her daughter’s back and held her close as she embraced the feel of her child against her.

Giving her a few moments to drink from the wellspring that was the source of her life, Lilith reached up, grabbed Jacqlyn’s hair, and pulled her away from her neck. Jacqlyn’s resistance was strong, as she was not ready to give up her meal. Pulling her back, Lilith then brought her lips to Jacqlyn’s and kissed her furiously.

Having started the kiss, Lilith also ended it, as she once again pulled on her daughter’s locks. Their eyes meeting, Lilith turned her attention to her right. Jacqlyn followed her gaze. There, on the floor, the bell silently beckoned.

With an unearthly, enrapturing voice, Lilith spoke. “Ring the bell.”

Torn between the overpowering need to continue ravaging her mother and the command given, Jacqlyn reached for the black handle and rang the bell. The resounding toll echoed throughout the chamber with each clap of the ball against the shell, adding an ominous element to the debauchery committed between the two.

With the command fulfilled, Jacqlyn dropped the object she held, and immediately resumed the frenzied kiss. Lilith leaned back and allowed Jacqlyn to again take the dominant role as her hands groped and searched as needful moans rose in a shared voice.

Jacqlyn had broken the kiss to watch Lilith’s expression as she brought her hand down between her Mother’s legs. Feeling the slippery bits of flesh at her fingertips, she began to play. She watched as her Mother closed her eyes and fell victim to the loving attention Jacqlyn was giving, allowing the seed of a climax to form within her. As it began to grow, Lilith felt something wet and warm fall onto her forehead, then her cheeks. With her eyes closed, her lips went from a tight “O” of intensity to a smile, as she realized the purpose of the bell had been achieved.

Jacqlyn was intent on pleasuring her lover, her eyes cast down as she watched her hand fondle the most intimate parts of her body. She took no notice of the drop of red that had splashed upon her Mother’s face. It wasn’t until she began to feel a warm drizzle fall upon her skin that she stopped and looked up.

She watched as heavy drops of crimson fell from the ceiling; and as the air became thick with the smell of copper, Jacqlyn rose up on her knees, spread her arms wide, and welcomed the coming downpour.

As candles began to sputter out, the sound of lighted wicks sizzled as the flames were snuffed out. Laughter, strong and soul born, began to fill the chamber’s silence as Jacqlyn’s white skin began to turn scarlet. Her hair drank in every drop that fell until it was saturated. Filled with all it could soak up, her head began to stream ruby-colored rivulets, staining her skin where the steady rainfall had not yet touched. Soon, the only thing that did not glisten red were her eyes, which glowed blue.

As she brought her hands down to feel the slickness of the blood covering her body, she took no notice when Lilith wiggled out from underneath her, until she felt the slippery flesh of her mother embrace her. Staring at the face of her maker, Jacqlyn’s excitement increased as the river of red flowed around Lilith’s cobalt-colored eyes, over her nose, and her lips, before pooling at the bottom of her smile. From the sides of that smile a steady flow of deep, thick, cherry-colored liquid fell freely, splashing her breasts below.

Raising her arms, Lilith pushed Jacqlyn backward, the furs drenched in blood cushioning her fall in a sloppy wet mess.

“I would have you know my taste once again, my darling child.” Lilith snaked her way over Jacqlyn’s prone form, their bodies gliding easily over one another. Lilith paused as her lips again pressed against Jacqlyn’s. However, it did not last long, as Lilith continued her ascent. As her body climbed, Jacqlyn used her tongue and let her Mother’s body drag against it, leaving a white trail down her form.

Lilith, having brought her hips above Jacqlyn’s mouth, gently began to lower it so her heated sex came in contact with the protruding wiggling tongue that awaited.

Jacqlyn brought her arms up over Lilith’s legs so she would not be pinned to the ground and firmly grasped the slick cheeks of flesh that hovered over her chin. Spreading them apart, a slow trickle of blood began to snake its way down between the spread cheeks and fall into her open mouth.

As Lilith’s flower made contact with Jacqlyn’s hungry mouth, she slowly began to rotate, then grind her loins over Jacqlyn’s probing tongue, closing her eyes as she felt the most intimate of touches.

The mix of her passion’s nectar with the tang of spilt blood drove Jacqlyn into a frenzy of action as she kissed and licked the warm thick rift of fleshy lips that guarded her lover’s paradise. Grasping, firmly, the flesh of her Mother’s rump, she pulled down and smothered her own mouth with her Mother’s flesh.

Lilith was happy to oblige as her grinding took a thrusting motion. Receiving the desired response, Jacqlyn released the hold she had, lowered her hands, and began to play with herself.

A furious thirst began to form in the pit of Lilith’s stomach as an angry snarl curled her lips. And, as she shook her head back and forth, denying the coming eruption, her small gasps and moans becoming angry, she caught sight of one of the blood-filled cups.

Her eyebrows furrowed in concentration as she reached for the vessel. Then, as she raised the cup to her lips, her legs spread wider, opening herself up more to the lascivious attention being bestowed upon her.

As soon as the first deep swallow of red elixir filled her stomach, the wall Lilith built to hold back her climax shattered. Violently her body spasmed as a bolt of ecstasy swallowed her whole. The sudden jerk of the quivering flesh smothering her mouth immediately brought Jacqlyn to lift her head, burrowing her lips and tongue further into the quaking chasm. Her tongue ached in protest as it reached its limits, cleansing the honeyed dew clinging to the trembling cave suspended above it. Her hands then reached up over blood slickened flesh and grasped her Mother’s hips, pulling her further down, forcing the full weight of her lover to rest upon her mouth.

With her will shattered, Lilith involuntarily rocked back and forth across the hungry jaw holding her weight. Each rake across tongue and teeth delivered another bolt of pleasure throughout her body as she gave up all control to the feelings centered in her fleshy flower.

With each passing wave diminishing in intensity, Lilith began to slow her gyrations. When finally her climax ended, Lilith slowly raised her body. She felt the sudden protest of her daughter beneath her as lips clenched, then sucked in the sore, heat-pulsing flower petals that had so torridly been attended to. The gentle tug of war between the two ended when Lilith was able to look down and clearly see the smoldering blue suns looking up at her.

Jacqlyn’s face was a mask of crimson, except for her mouth, which had been rubbed clean with her attention to her Mother’s needs. Grateful for what her daughter had done, Lilith’s look took on an air of disapproval. The white contrast to the red-stained skin looking up at her was an imperfection which she quickly chose to rectify. Lustfully looking down at the teeth-filled smile gazing up at her, Lilith moved her lower body to once again hover slightly over her daughter’s mouth. Jacqlyn, eager to taste her Mother again, quickly darted her tongue out and gently stabbed the flesh that hung above her with no luck.

“Open,” Lilith said, a coy smile spreading across her lips.

Jacqlyn, making no protest, closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Lilith leaned back, raised the cup high, and spilled the rest of the contents down between her breasts. Emptying the vessel, she then looked down and watched the red river flow over her stomach, ripple across the short curly red hair between her legs, glide gently over her rose bud, and steadily drip into Jacqlyn’s mouth, who then eagerly drank from the falling stream.

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